patron behavior Policy


The West Iron District Library is open for specific and designated uses, including reading, studying, writing, participating in scheduled library programs, and using library materials. In order to provide resources and services to all people who visit the library facilities in an atmosphere of courtesy, respect, and excellent service, the Library Board of Trustees has adopted this Patron Behavior Policy. The purpose of the Library Patron Behavior Policy is to assist the West Iron District Library in fulfilling its mission as a community resource enriching life, stimulating intellectual curiosity, fostering literacy, and encouraging an informed citizenry.  

The following rules of conduct shall apply to all buildings, interior, and exterior, and all grounds controlled and operated by the West Iron District Library and to all persons entering in or on the premises.

Rules for a safe environment

  • Illegal Activity: Committing or attempting to commit an activity in violation of federal, state, or local law, ordinances or regulation is prohibited. 
  • Weapons: Carrying weapons, except bona fide officers of government jurisdictions or individuals with a playful permit, is prohibited. 
  • Alcohol/Drugs: Possessing, selling, distributing, or consuming any alcoholic beverage, illegal drug, or drug paraphernalia is prohibited. 
  • Under the Influence: Persons under the influence or any controlled substance or intoxicating liquor are not allowed on library property. 
  • Use of Library Buildings and Grounds:
      1. The use of skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates, or scooters is not allowed in the library or on library premises. 
      2. Library patrons must park bicycles or other vehicles in authorized areas only. 
      3. All doors and entrances must remain obstacle-free. 
      4. Animals or personal transport vehicles are not permitted in the library other than those required by persons with disabilities or those used in law enforcement or for library programming. 
      5. Smoking inside library facilities is prohibited. Smokers must use exterior ashtrays and refrain from littering cigarette butts. 
      6. Shirts and shoes are required for health reasons and must be worn at all times inside the library. Clothing covering the upper and lower body is required. 
      7. The use of incendiary devices, such as candles, matches and lighters is prohibited inside the library. 

Rules for personal behavior

  • Personal Property: Personal property brought into the library are subject to the following:
        1. The Library personnel may limit the number of parcels carried into the building. 
        2. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended. 
        3. The Library does not guarantee storage for personal property. 
        4. Personal possessions must not take up seating or space if needed by others. 
  • Food and Beverages: Food and drink must be consumed in designated areas only. 
  • Unauthorized Use: Patrons must leave the library promptly at closing time. Further, any patrons whose privileges to use the Library have been denied may not enter the library. Any patron whose privileges have been limited may not use the Library in any manner that conflicts with those limits placed on the patron by the Library Director, his or her designee, or the Library Board. 
  • Engaging in Proper Library Activities: Patrons shall be engaged in activities associated with the use of the Library while in the building. Patrons not engaged in reading, study, writing, participating in scheduled library programs, and using library materials shall be required to leave the building. Sleeping or lying on the floor or furniture is prohibited. 
  • Considerate Use: The following behavior is prohibited in the Library Building
        1. Spitting
        2. Running
        3. Putting feet or legs on furniture
        4. Using obscene or threatening language or gestures. 
  • Panhandling or Soliciting: Panhandling or soliciting library staff or patrons for money, products, or services inside the library or on library property is prohibited.
  • Interference with Staff: Patrons may not interfere with the staff’s performance of duties in the library. This includes engaging in conversation or behavior that monopolizes or forces the attention of staff for an inappropriate period of time, inappropriate personal comments, sexual advances, or physical and/or verbal harassment. 
  • Campaigning and Similar Activities: Campaigning, petitioning, interview, survey-taking, pamphleteering, canvassing are prohibited in the Library building.
  • Sales: Selling merchandise on Library property without prior permission from the Director is prohibited.
  • Distributions/Postings: Distributing or posting printed materials/literature on Library property that is not in accordance with library policy is prohibited. 
  • Restrooms: Misuse of restrooms, including laundering, sleeping, shaving, haircutting, bathing, and sexual activity is prohibited. 
  • Harassment: Staring, photographing, following, stalking, harassing, or threatening library users or staff while in the Library or on Library property is prohibited. 
  • Loud Noise: Producing or allowing any loud, unreasonable, or disturbing noises that interfere with other patrons use of the Library which can be reasonably expected to disturb other persons, including those from electronic, entertainment or communication devices such as cell phones or headphones is prohibited (see Cell Phone Policy). 
  • Body Odor: Offensive body odor due to poor hygiene, overpowering perfume, or cologne that causes a nuisance is prohibited. 

Rules for the use and preservation of Library Materials and Property

  • Care of Library Property: Patrons must not deface, vandalize, or improperly remove library materials, equipment, furniture, or buildings. 
  • Equipment: Library phones and staff computers are for staff use only.
  • Authorized Lending: Library materials may only be removed from premises with authorization through established lending procedures. 
  • Restrooms: Library materials may not be taken into restrooms. 

Rules for the Safety of Youth

  • Supervision of Children: See Unattended Child Policy
  • Restriction of Youth Areas: Staff may restrict adult use of youth areas 

Disciplinary process for library facilities

The Library Director of the Director’s designee may restrict access to library facilities with immediate dismissal of the patron from the premises, by suspending the patron’s access to library facilities for a set period of time, or by denying access to specific services and/or programs pursuant to this Policy. If necessary, the local police may be called to intervene. 


  • Incident Reports: Library Staff shall record in writing in the form of an incident report and violation of this Policy that resulted in a verbal warning or a suspension of library privileges. By the end of the day on which the incident occurred, an Incident Report shall be written and forwarded to the Library Director for logging and review. The report should include a physical description in addition to the name of the patron. A copy of the suspension of privileges letter would be attached, if applicable. 
  • Violation of the Library Policy – Suspension of Privileges: Unless otherwise provided in this Policy,  the Library shall handle violations as follows: 
      • Initial Violation: Library patrons observed violating this policy will be asked to cease the violation with a verbal request. If the patron does not comply with the request, he or she will be asked to leave the building for the day. If he or she refuses, the police may be called. 
      • Subsequent Violations: The Director or Director’s authorized designee may further limit or revoke the patron’s library privileges if infractions continue. Such limitation or revocation shall be in writing specifying the nature of the violation. Subsequent violations shall of the same rule result in additional suspensions of increasing length
  • Violations that Affect Safety and Security: Violations involving verbal abuse, violence, threatening behaviors, sexual harassment, vandalism, drug sale or use or attempted drug sale or use, intoxication, theft or attempted theft, physical harassment, sexual misconduct or any behavior that threatens the safety and security of staff and/or patrons shall be handled as follows
      • Initial Violation: The police will be called immediately. Violations of this nature will result in an immediate minimum two-week suspension of library privileges and the Incident Report shall specify the nature of the violation.
      • Subsequent violations: The police will be called immediately. If the conduct constitutes a violation of local, state, or federal law, arrest or criminal prosecution may ensue. The Director or Director’s authorized designee may further limit or revoke the patron’s library privileges in escalating responses, which will be documented in writing. Subsequent violations of the same rule will result in additional suspensions of increasing length. 
      • Reinstatement: The patron whose privileges have been limited or revoke shall attend a meeting with the Director or the Director’s authorized designee to review the Library Patron Behavior Policy before their privileges may be reinstated. 
  • Right to Appeal: Patrons may appeal a decision to limit or revoke privileges b sending a written appeal to the Library Board within 10 working days of the date of privileges were revoked or limited. The appeal should be sent to the President of the Library Board. The decision of the Library Board is final.