Dues Dates & Renewals

Item Type Due Dates Renewal
New Books 2 Weeks  0
All Other Books 1 Month 2
DVDs 1 Week  1 for single disc 2 for multi-disc
Magazines 1 Week
Audio Books  2 Weeks 2
Music CDs 1 Month 1
Kits/Toys/Puzzles 1 Month 1
Costumes  1 Month 1
Baking Pans 1 Month  1


Materials LIMITS

Patrons may check out up to 25 items including books, audiobooks, magazines, toys, bakeware, or puzzles per library card.  Patrons may check out up to 5 DVDs per library card. 



Fines for print materials such as books and magazines as well as audiobooks, music CDs, toys, bakeware, and puzzles are 5 cents per item per day past the due date. Accumulated fines cap at $2.00 per item.  Fines for DVDs are $1.00 per DVD per day. Accumulated fines cap at $5.00 per DVD.  Patrons with fines may continue to check out materials until the fines reach $5.00. Once fines reach $5.00 no more items may be checked out until the fine is paid in full. Patrons may not use public computers while fines are present.  Lost library cards may be replaced for a $1.00 charge. Proof of residency is required at the time a replacement card is issue